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Ben Brown

Mathematics PhD Student at The University of Edinburgh

I am a 2nd Year PhD student in the School of Mathematics at The University of Edinburgh, with Johan Martens as my supervisor. I am also a member of the Hodge Institute. Before coming here, I was a student at The University of Warwick with Miles Reid and Weiyi Zhang as my past supervisors.

Currently I am studying toric hyperkähler varieties with the aim of quantising them, via geometric quantisation. The toy model for my work is the hypertoric \(T^{\ast}\mathbb{CP}^{3}\), which can be identified with the Higgs moduli space for \(SU(2)\)-Higgs bundles over a Riemann surface of genus \(g=2\). In this case, hopefully the dimension of the quantisation coincides with what is known as the equivariant Verlinde formula.

Other than my research, I am also an organiser for the Hodge Club talks for the School of Mathematics, for the academic year 2019 - 2020.

Updated November 2019